Creamy Sheep Cake from Extremadura

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Creamy Sheep Cake from Extremadura

Creamy Sheep Cake from Extremadura is a cheese made from raw milk of merino sheep, and there are three main characteristics of this cheese: the quality milk of the merino sheep, to animal feed based on aromatic pastures and the fermentation with vegetable rennet. The cheese has a cylindrical shape, the side of a convex shape, its hard crust with pleta marks or girths. Its flavor is intense, little salty and very fatty, with a very persistent aftertaste to the palate. It has a high creaminess because its paste is soft and fluid, which invites to its ingestion in spoon or anointed in toasts. It is also the basis of current culinary recipes. For its consumption it is recommended to do it at room temperature, cutting its top bark to use as a lid once consumed. This product is served in a natural shrink wrap.

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