Iberian cured Tongue of Extremadura Pork

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Iberian cured Tongue

Iberian cured Tongue, together with the viscera is one of the less consumed products of the Iberian pig. By its appearance and texture has not been able to introduce in our culture like a product of habitual consumption. We have rescued the old recipes of our teachers, suckling to make this product a delicacy. We perform a process of marinating with different spices and then we subject it to a cure in our natural dryers. We get a product of exceptional flavor, with a low caloric content, with very little fat and rich in vitamins and minerals. Its consumption is made in raw, and can be seasoned with a few drops of olive oil and sprinkled with paprika from the vera. It is packaged in vacuum in a pack of 4 units with an approximate weight of 550 grams.

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