Kidneys of Iberian pork of Extremadura

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Kidneys of Iberian pork

Kidneys of Iberian pork is the main organ of the urinary system in the pig. This product is rich in vitamins B12, B7, B5, B3, B2 and in iron. Due to their high content of vitamins they help, among other things, to control migraines, to have eye health, to the skin, nervous problems, anxiety, stress, to reduce the excess of cholesterol, stomach problems, etc. Also its high content in iron helps to avoid the ferropética anemia, being advisable for athletes with a high wear of this mineral. There are plenty of recipes for the consumption of kidneys, such as stews with potatoes, rice, brandy, pepper, beans, etc. They are served in vacuum-packed trays weighing approximately 1 kg.

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