Slice extra iberian acor mocon of Extremadura

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Slice extra iberian mocon of acorn

Slice extra iberian mocon of acorn is a typical product of Extremadura, and receives such name because it is the “blind” or “morcón” the gut that surrounds it. Its manufacture is similar to that of the chorizo, but has characteristics that differentiate it: the meat with which it is made are lean of high quality and prey devoid of clusters of fats and aponeurosis, from Iberian pork bellota. The chopped is done in large and regular pieces, proceeding later to its marinating and embuchado. Its ripening takes place in our natural dryers, extending this period considerably because it is a thick piece, in addition to not to force the process so that it does not lose its desired flavor and aroma.

Its cut is made in our own facilities, slice to slice, from the hands of our skilled masters of sausages. We make a vacuum packaging with the highest quality plastics, in our room of protected atmosphere and with absolute speed, thus achieving that the product does not suffer any alteration in its organoleptic characteristics and flavor.

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