Slice extra iberian red acorn sausage of Extremadura

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Slice extra iberian red sausage of acorn

Slice extra iberian red sausage of acorn is a product made with the leanest of the highest quality of the Iberian pork bellota. Its manufacturing process is based on the chopping of thin ones into uniform and thick pieces, its subsequent marinating with spices and inlays in the natural gut of the pig, for which it receives its name. Its ripening and drying is done in our natural dryers, in a slow process that reaches three months of healing. It is surprising for its juiciness and aromatic intensity, with a visual aspect to the cut of purple red tone and balanced point of fat and paprika.

Its cut is made in our own facilities, slice to slice, from the hands of our expert masters of sausages. We make a vacuum packaging with the highest quality plastics, in our room of protected atmosphere and with absolute speed, thus achieving that the product does not suffer any alteration in its organoleptic characteristics and flavor.

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